Naked Fort Collins


Fort Collins is primarily thought of as a conservative, family-friendly city that continually makes numerous “best of” lists every single year. We have an image that we’re white bread America; a slice of Mayberry, perhaps.

It’s a lie.

Nobody talks about what Fort Collins is really like.

Fort Collins is made up of real people from all walks of life. Yes, many of us are married white couples with the stereotypical stay-at-home mom, business management dad, two kids, a dog, and suburban house. But many of us are CSU students, single, divorced, lesbian, gay, bi, trans, curious, freaky, and all around weird.

And that’s perfect.

This blog is starting as an experiment. A team of writers from all walks of life, with years of experience in different sexual situations and relationships are getting together to share the stories of what happens behind closed doors in Fort Collins. Our idea is to share real life stories of what sex and relationships are like in Fort Collins for all lifestyle types – dating, single, married, divorced, LGBTQ, no matter if there is struggle, achievements, or weirdness.

But, we’re telling the stories that nobody else will tell you in this city. That includes troubles that we’ve seen, and issues in our community, like racism. We have the facade of being white bread suburbia when there’s a lot more to the people who live here. And it’s something that we can all relate to in some way.

We want all walks of life to have a voice on this blog. A place for people to be able to say the things that either:

A. They talk about with their friends after too many cocktails
B. Things they can’t talk to anyone else about

We’re here to tell the truth. Our motto is, we have the balls to publish what others won’t.


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